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posted: 10/25/2012 5:00 AM

Schakowsky won't be changing anytime soon

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Let me see if I have this straight. You endorse Jan Schakowsky even though "her politics are more liberal than our tastes, and her frequent partisanship is counterproductive." She has been in Congress for 14 years, yet you "hope she will modify her approach to one that would be more constructive." You laud her role as chief deputy whip, yet you seem not to know what the whip does. The whip is responsible for making sure that all votes are cast along party lines. It is the most partisan position in Congress!

Of the 435 members of the House, not one representative was further left on the issues than Jan Schakowsky, as rated by the National Journal, based on her 2010 voting record. This is hardly a politician who will change her ways just because the Daily Herald hopes she will. You praise Tim Wolfe, a resident of Arlington Heights for 30 years, for making jobs and the economy the center of his candidacy, which, given the state of our nation's economy, is exactly where the emphasis should be. Tim has bachelor's degrees in business administration and accounting, and a master's degree in taxation. He is a certified public accountant and a certified financial planner and practices his craft in Mount Prospect. This type of expertise is desperately needed in Congress.

Tim is in touch with the values of the residents of the Northwest suburbs, unlike Ms. Schakowsky, who was born and raised in Chicago and now lives in Evanston.

If you reread your "endorsement" of Jan Schakowsky and filter out the things that you hope she will change, but that don't have a chance of happening, and also look at her record, you will discover that you've actually endorsed Tim Wolfe. I will be voting for Tim Wolfe, and I expect most your readership will, too. Tim Wolfe for Congress!

Rob Bachhuber Arlington Heights

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