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posted: 10/24/2012 10:35 AM

Previews and more previews

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Recently, I went to see a movie with my son, at least that 's what I thought I was doing. Now I realize why the concession guy was pushing people to get large drinks and large containers of popcorn. He knew what we were about to experience and wanted us well prepared.

As you know, there is no escaping the infamous previews, unless of course you show up late -- which I know now is a very good idea. I believe my son and I got caught in some preview vortex and I wasn't sure if we would ever get out of it. I actually closed my eyes at one point and just listened, praying the previews would end, wishing them away and listening for what I'd hoped would finally be the start of the actual movie.

People walked into the movie theater 20 minutes after the scheduled movie start time and, yes, you guessed it, they hadn't missed a minute of the movie as the previews just kept rolling by. You know something is excessive, when you hear people start moaning out loud and the jokester who said, "I think I forgot what movie I came here to see." OK, I may have whispered that one.

Some advice to those who haven't been to the movies for a while: Don't rush if you are running late, take a trip to the restroom before the movie, get enough fluids to keep you from dehydration and although the snacks are expensive, you may want some to at least avoid having the rest of the moviegoing audience from hearing your stomach as its starts to growl.

Bruce Handler

Hawthorn Woods

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