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updated: 10/23/2012 8:02 PM

Will Guillen blame Sox, Williams again?

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  • It was only a matter of time before Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen self-destructed in Miami. Guillen, who managed the White Sox to a World Series title in 2005, was fired Tuesday after one year as manager of the last-place Marlins.

    It was only a matter of time before Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen self-destructed in Miami. Guillen, who managed the White Sox to a World Series title in 2005, was fired Tuesday after one year as manager of the last-place Marlins.
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For those arriving inescapably late to the Ozzie Guillen party, congratulations on discovering sight and hearing, if not your sense of smell.

Seriously, you had to be deaf and blind and unable to detect the wafts of cow chips if you didn't understand that Ken Williams didn't need Guillen's firing after one idiotic year in Miami for redemption.

It never was about Williams. It was all one-sided. It was Guillen who self-destructed in Chicago, just as it was forecast here that he would go to pieces in Florida.

Guillen is a person incapable of experiencing joy, of taking the good and allowing it to be so instead of turning it bad.

His wounds in Chicago were self-inflicted, his difficulty in Miami premeditated.

Guillen is someone who has said repeatedly that he is about the money and only about the money, so it is reasonable to consider that he may have wanted to avoid work and still get paid.

If true, he has his wish.

Guillen remains an ungrateful, petulant child who has managed to infuriate the two organizations that treated him like family and has gotten himself fired from two jobs he could have possessed for life.

How is that even possible?

It takes a special kind of individual to make so many people hate him in such a short period of time, but that is precisely who Guillen is and will remain.

This only confirms what most of us have known about Guillen for several years, and not even his personal public-relations staff could spin this and make it Williams' fault.

There were people in this town who didn't understand it for a long time, somehow managing to believe the lies spread about Williams and Guillen with malice and frequency.

Maybe those who remained unconvinced can see now how obvious it was all along.

Ozzie Guillen, fired from two jobs in 12 months. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Poking the Lion

Eight minutes after the Bears finished off the Lions, about 20 players from the two teams gathered at midfield, held hands and spent a few moments in prayer.

When it was over, Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson shook hands and hugged. Then, both men took off their jerseys, autographed them and swapped shirts.

It was quite a moment between elite players and a tremendous show of respect.

There is that very impressive side of Brandon Marshall, and then there is the man who believes he is the solitary voice of understanding and knowledge that can at times wear on others.

It's why he tweeted at Ndamukong Suh early Tuesday morning that, "What u did to Jay (Cutler) wasn't cool. Great players don't have to do that."

Later, he added, "Something I've learned and now passing down to you. Succeed with character."

Only problem with that is Marshall is disturbing a monster who didn't do anything wrong and has been known to get angry and destroy villages with the single swipe of an arm.

Not the guy you want to wake up. The Bears are fortunate that Suh wasn't hungry or he might have devoured the quarterback.

No one else called it dirty, including the NFL, Lovie Smith or Cutler. On this one, Marshall is simply wrong.

Let's hope when the two teams face each other in the final game of the season -- when the Lions will have nothing to play for and nothing to lose -- that Suh doesn't give Marshall something legit to tweet about.

Cutler's injury

Ribs are six weeks. Doesn't matter if they're broken, if there's torn cartilage, if you sit out or get hit by 300 pound defensive linemen. They don't get worse and they don't get better.

It's six weeks until they don't hurt anymore, and for the first two weeks every movement will feel like the jab of a knife. Of course, Cutler will get some special help from Bears doctors before games that will mitigate some of that pain.

Greg Olsen

Former Bears tight end Greg Olsen is second on the woeful Panthers in receptions (26) and yards (324), despite recently becoming the father of twins, one of whom has a life-threatening condition.

Kara Olsen gave birth to son T.J. and daughter Talbot, but four months into the pregnancy the Olsens learned that their son had an undeveloped left ventricle and aorta, which has required three surgeries since his birth.

So far doctors are hopeful, and somehow Olsen has played through the trauma and held up well in an offense ranked 28th in the NFL in points.

Karma calling

Of all the Bud Selig embarrassments, this year's all-star exhibition to determine World Series home field is among his greatest.

The Tigers are on the road because Justin Verlander was trying to entertain fans with 100-mph fastballs in the All-Star Game -- an admirable attempt -- and the Giants are at home because PED-suspended Melky Cabrera won the all-star MVP.

It's almost too good to be true.


To old friend and Score pal Brian Hanley, who lost his mom, Suzanne, last week. Mrs. Hanley lived a remarkable and wonderful life, including the gift of 9 children and 22 grandchildren. Our best to a terrific family during a very tough time.


To Arlington Heights' Doug Ghim, who's been named a first-team Rolex Junior all-American for 2012 by the American Junior Golf Association. The AJGA also tabbed Crystal Lake's Alexandra Harkins for an honorable mention award.

Tough guy

Apparently, Maurice Jones-Drew -- who is struggling with a foot injury -- is not as tough as his tweets. Signed, sincerely, Jay Cutler.

Best headline "France disbands after achieving destruction of Lance Armstrong."

And finally …

Omaha World-Herald's Brad Dickson: "Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald has instilled a 'mandatory nap time' for players on game day. Most Big Ten teams already have a designated weekend nap time. It's when the BCS ratings are announced."

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