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posted: 10/20/2012 4:16 AM

No vote for such an intrinsic evil

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No vote for such an intrinsic evil

This country may believe that a woman has a "choice" to have an abortion and that we are providing a "safe, legal and rare" service but, as a post-abortive woman whose vocation is to help those who have had abortions, I can say that abortion may be legal, but it is not safe and certainly not rare and not viewed as a "choice" by thousands of post-abortive women.

"Safe, legal, rare" and "choice" is the language the Democratic Party has used to make abortion seem kind, charitable and loving. Of course, now that "rare" has been removed from the platform, their agenda is clear.

This administration has put its resources into promoting and expanding abortion services instead of using same amounts to offer women the real help they need. The hundreds of post-abortive women I have worked over the years never felt they had a "choice" -- a word that is so flippantly tossed around. They believed abortion was their only option.

Women say they were lied to. They were told their babies were globs of tissue, but they found out that was a lie when they were sent home to deliver their dead babies. They were told they could go on with their lives but for years they suffered from flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, depression, relational problems, intense grief and more.

If we are going to be a country that promotes abortion, let's be sure women are told the truth about abortion. In voting, we must often make difficult decisions regarding what we view as right or wrong. However, supporting an unjust law -- one that allows killing an unborn child and lying to women that it is a simple procedure without long-term consequences -- is a moral wrong. I will not vote for any party that supports and funds such an intrinsic evil.

Nancy Menzies-Kreuzer

Glen Ellyn

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