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posted: 10/13/2012 4:40 AM

Trickle down theory has never worked

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The speaker of the House recently reinforced the Republican Party's stance that, even with an Obama victory in November, they will continue their obstructionist policies including their refusal to raise taxes on top income earners or corporations.

According to a Pew Research poll conducted this July, a majority of Americans disagree with this ideology by two to one.

For more than 31 years now, the Republican Party has pushed the idea of trickle-down economics where giving wealthy individuals and corporations more and more tax cuts and subsidies is supposed to make our economy prosper. This ideology has failed. Today, we are constantly presented evidence of people hiding money overseas, e.g. Mitt Romney and corporations being more profitable than ever, e.g. Exxon Mobil while still receiving tax breaks. And what does the average middle class American family get out of this? Stagnant wage growth, jobs shipped overseas, unbelievable health care costs and college tuition costs, lost pensions and foreclosures.

How and why voters continue to accept this nonsense from Republican congressmen and senators is simply beyond any reasonable thought.

Bill Malecki


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