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posted: 10/10/2012 5:00 AM

Walsh will never compromise

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I read Bill Anderson's Aug. 24 letter accusing me of chastising Laszlo Stephen. I was not degrading him and I would not put him down. I pointed out that President Obama's action with GM and Chrysler was a good thing. Getting rid of Osama bin Ladin was a good thing.

By the way when you accused me of parroting liberal dribble I think the word is drivel; dribble is what a basketball player does.

You also blamed President Obama for the Fast and Furious scandal when the program was started during the President Bush administration.

Now on to Rep. Joe Walsh, the congressman who will never compromise and in my opinion is a very poor choice. When you go to Congress with a closed mind you are not doing the people of the 8th District justice.

You have to be able to reach across the aisle to those who you disagree with. Working with these people is the way to get things done.

Walsh's remarks about Muslims seemed too harsh. In Libya the attack on our embassy was wrong, and there were Libyan Muslims who tried to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens.

I think I'd rather give Tammy Duckworth a seat in Congress for two years. She may have talked about her military service, but, she never claimed to be a hero. Sen. John McCain wrote two books about his experience in Vietnam, and I respect both Duckworth and McCain. They are both heroes.

Thomas Carras

Elk Grove

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