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posted: 10/9/2012 4:40 AM

Stop raising my taxes, Kane County

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@Blockquote:A Kane County Board committee approved Sept. 25 to increase our property tax bill by 3 percent. Funds needed for what? When is enough already? People are losing their houses, people are losing their jobs, trying to pay their mortgages, house value have gone down, yet the county feels we need to take another hit and have more people to struggle to keep their house. I just don't get it and, better yet, people in Campton Township will see the biggest hit.

Is this board so out of touch with what is going on right now in our country that they feel the need to dig into our pockets again and pay for whatever they deem the county now needs? Why can they not work within the budget they have? If you don't have the money, don't spend it. We have people moving out of our subdivision to another state as they cannot afford their property taxes.

These government agencies need to tighten there belts like what everyone else is doing.

From reading the article. the county has the money which can cover the entire cost of raises, by cutting the amount budgeted for contingency expenses, but yet they want more money. They want to capture all the tax money they can get, the article says.

When I worked for DuPage County if there was not enough money in the budget for raises in our department, we just did not get a raise.

Once again is this board so out of touch what is going on around them? Stop digging into hardworking people's pockets. Enough already.

Any board member who chooses to vote in favor of this tax hike best start looking for another job.

Linda Sobieski


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