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posted: 10/4/2012 4:37 AM

Candidate research involves the Bible

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Candidate research involves the Bible

The candidates are neatly packaged. The issues are complex. And the rhetoric is thick. Short of playing "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" on Nov. 6, how should we vote?

We should vote with pride. Every vote counts. Every vote cast is a historic moment, shaping the history of the world. Around the globe, many don't have the right to vote. Yet, it's thought that as many as 64 percent of voting age Americans will not cast a ballot. That's shameful. As a Christian, voting is a Biblical responsibility. Part of loving my neighbor is bearing this responsibility, which ultimately impacts the quality of both mine and my neighbor's life.

We should vote from an informed perspective. While only 36 percent of voting age Americans will cast a ballot, far fewer will do any research on the candidates' platforms. Being informed requires my spending time on the candidates' websites, reading their positions on the issues. It's true that the issues are complex, but an informed vote, however elementary our understanding, is always better than no vote at all.

We should vote according to our convictions. As a Christian, this means allowing the Bible to direct my candidate selection. The Bible is not a political handbook. The Bible is a history of God's saving work through Jesus Christ. But the Bible does offer a framework for understanding many political issues. Guidance on issues of caring for the poor, abortion, the definition of marriage and immigration can be found within the Bible.

This means researching candidate platforms is necessary, but not sufficient. I must also know what the Bible has to say on issues and vote accordingly. I can't call myself a Christian and reject the Bible's voice in my life.

Kelly Brady

senior pastor

Glen Ellyn Bible Church

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