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posted: 10/3/2012 6:03 PM

The alternate universe of the news media

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Gallup just released a poll which said that 60 percent of Americans don't trust the news media to present the truth. That is the highest level of distrust for the media in years of Gallup polling and the recent news headlines on Romney's tax release are a perfect example of how the media manipulates the truth to favor Democrats and earn this distrust of the people.

The biased media headlines are "Romney only paid 14.1 percent in taxes." They stress his tax "dodges" and Cayman Island accounts. These articles then talk about how Romney is seen as "cold" and "out of touch" with Americans and doesn't care about "normal" Americans. Really? Let's check the facts and rewrite the headlines from reality.

Romney is an incredibly generous American. That's the truth. Romney did indeed pay 14.1 percent in taxes. But that is because he gave $4 million or 29 percent of his total income to charity. 29 percent to charity! In fact, he could have deducted more of his charity to lower his taxes, but he didn't. How many Americans donate 29 percent of their income to charity?

Is donating 29 percent to charity a bad thing or "cold and insensitive?" Joe Biden donated less than 1 percent to charity. Who's really cold and insensitive?

Altogether, Mitt Romney paid or gave 43 percent of his income to taxes and charity. He kept only 57 percent of his income for his personal use. How much more blood do the parasites want to suck out of good people that create thousands of jobs and create millions of income for other people? And how can the news media sleep at night knowing how dishonest they are?

Randy Rossi


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