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posted: 9/28/2012 4:33 AM

We don't apologize for our freedoms

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We don't apologize for our freedoms

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans including two former Navy SEALS were brutally killed in a planned terrorist attack on Sept. 11. Our ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice goes on national TV and lies to the American people saying that this attack and the attack on the American embassy in Cairo were in response to a video. Rubbish.

But the fact that our leaders are even discussing a movie to explain the rioting and violence in the Middle East, goes to show just how far we've fallen as a nation and how very close we are to losing our most basic right of free speech. Both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have gone into overdrive apologizing to Muslims for a video they call "reprehensible and disgusting". A video that no one has seen, no one knows what's in it and was made by a private citizen exercising his First Amendment rights.

My reaction to the video? So what? Who cares? It's irrelevant. America doesn't apologize for its freedoms. Period. Yet every time we hear our "leaders" blame a video for the violent behavior of angry Muslims, we're condoning it.

In America, we protect free speech. Bill Maher makes a living insulting Christians in general and Catholics in particular. The vile things he says about priests, bishops and the Pope are despicable. Yet he is free to donate $1 million to an Obama PAC and the left is fine with that. And while I support his right to do so, I wonder how a president so concerned about civility and the sensitivity of "religious" people could accept it?

Islam is called a "great religion." Well there is nothing great about murdering, rioting, burning and destroying in the name of Allah simply because you feel offended.

Doug MacGregor


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