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posted: 9/25/2012 4:40 AM

Keep squirrels out of office

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America, Americans -- be very aware and cautious in the days and years ahead. I'm beginning to believe that our country is being taken over by squirrels. The squirrels and politicians are everywhere. You see them when you walk the dog, you see them on TV, and when you read your newspapers and magazines.

Of course. the real purpose of this letter is political squirrels. They are everywhere as well. They try to disguise themselves as elephants, disguise themselves as donkeys -- swinging their trunks around, heehawing, trying to get our attention. Be very aware, listen closely. Raise taxes, lower taxes, provide more jobs, fix this, fix that, help the poor, help the rich stay rich. Where will it end?

You all know that every business owner has to do his best to succeed, but how? Technology is the key to any business, more technology means better quality and less manpower to increase output. But less manpower means fewer jobs for the working class. So now what? We have to realize that some of us will have to get our hands dirty. Do the dirty work. We all can't be the computer operator, we all can't be the boss. Don't listen to the squirrels, they can't fix everything, we have to fix some things ourselves.

Let's get started by voting your heartfelt and thoughtful choices in the coming election.

But please, no more squirrels.

Phil Baert

St. Charles

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