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posted: 9/21/2012 4:40 AM

Found editorial on objectivity insulting

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Your editorial Sept. 9 asking me to be objective in my approach to the November election indicates that the Herald editorial staff is trying to convince me that there are only nuanced differences between the two presidential candidates. You likewise suggest that I must overlook my biases in order to be objective because they might "color" my assessment. If that means what I think it means, I take that as highly insulting.

Never before in the history of this constitutional republic have there been more stark differences in the views of the two major political parties. If you favor the unchecked growth of the federal government, the expansion of the number of people receiving entitlements, the suppression of private sector jobs through overregulation and increased taxes on the job creators, double-digit unemployment numbers that reflect the true number people without jobs, and the continuing growth of the national debt with no plan (or intent) to reduce it, you will vote for Obama. If you favor smaller government, sensible plans to reduce spending in all areas and stimulating job creation through the elimination of suffocating regulations on businesses, tax relief and the repeal of Obamacare ... all to give employers the ability to add jobs by releasing the resources they have sidetracked because of the uncertainties created by the Obama administration, and a real plan to implement a policy that will make us energy independent, you will vote for Romney.

I am sensing that you are going to endorse Obama as you did in 2008. If so, your view is the opposite of mine. I hope I don't pick up my morning Daily Herald sometime between now and Nov. 6 and find that my sense was correct.

Robert C. Haase

St. Charles

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