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updated: 9/21/2012 4:31 PM

Rupam Dave': Candidate Profile

Lake Clerk of the Circuit Court (Democrat)

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  • Rupam Dave', running for Lake Clerk of the Circuit Court

    Rupam Dave', running for Lake Clerk of the Circuit Court




Note: Answers provided have not been edited for grammar, misspellings or typos. In some instances, candidate claims that could not be immediately verified have been omitted.

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City: Grayslake


Office sought: Lake Clerk of the Circuit Court

Age: 50

Family: Married, one son

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Masters in Economics, Loyola University JD in Law, Loyola University

Civic involvement: President of Womens Leadership Council Blue Ribbon Campaign Volunteer Vice President of Lake County YWCA Founder of Gifts From The Heart

Elected offices held: None

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: In 1993 I was given supervision/non-conviction for a DUI In 2005 I received a summary suspension for 6 months 3/15/05 to 9/15/05. In 2005 I was convicted of DUI during the period of my summary supension. My license was officially revoked in 2005 and reinstated three years later in 2008. I deeply regret these transgressions.

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Under a Dav? administration the number one issue will be moving the Circuit Court Clerk?s office into the Twenty First century through the use of modern technology. My administration will accomplish this through a fair, open bidding process in which we will invite all technology companies to submit a proposal.

Key Issue 2

The next important issue for my administration will be the creation of a victim?s rights counter, to counsel crime victims through the recovery process. Victims have a right to be informed about court dates and fillings. The clerks who staff this counter will be able to provide needed and timely information. I believe this can be accomplished through office modernization and efficiency which will allow opportunities for staff to assist residents. We will additionally partner with local advocacy groups to provide assistance and referrals.

Key Issue 3

The employees of the Circuit Court Clerk?s office must have the most modern tools and training so they can help the public in the most efficient and effective manner. Additionally, we need to have a workplace that is respectful of both the employees and the people they serve.

Questions & Answers

Do you favor public online access to court records? Why or why not.

I favor public online access. It is time for the Clerk?s office to catch up to the rest of society. It just makes sense to offer as many services as possible online. Litigants and Lawyers should have the ability to access case information such as status updates and the next court date online. Some fines should be able to be paid over the internet, this type of access will save time and money for both the people and their lawyers. It will also allow the County to have access to the funds in a more timely manner. Our priority should always be to wisely spend tax payer?s dollars. Our charter should always be to create a saving for the tax payer when and where every possible. As well as we should be making every effort to spend Lake County tax dollars in Lake County or at least in Illinois.

Many circuit court systems now offer the public online access to basic case information. Where do technology upgrades to benefit public users rank on your platform? Please elaborate.

Technology upgrades along with the creation of a victim?s right counter are the highest priority of my platform. When elected, I will begin the process to move the clerk?s office into the Twenty First century with technology advancement, that includes the ability to access information and pay fines online. Additionally, we will have a victim?s rights counter to assist the victims of crimes. The court system shouldn?t just be about crime and punishment. It should also be more compassionate toward the victims of these crimes.

Provided computer upgrades are deemed necessary, how soon will you pursue them and how will you find the money to complete the work? What changes must come first?

On day one of my administration I will begin to formulate a plan on how to move the clerk?s office forward through technological advancements. The first thing I would do is to find a way get out of the 2.3 million dollar no bid contract that my opponent gave to a Colorado company to upgrade an out dated system, whose software was first introduced in 1959. I would open the bidding process to all local technology companies to assist us in this advancement. My administration will make every attempt to spend Lake County Tax dollars with Lake County businesses. This is the reasonable and the appropriate way to use Lake County tax dollars to help improve the economy of Lake County, not economy of a company three states away as my opponent has chosen to do with a 2.3 million dollar no bid contact to a Colorado company. I would pay for these advancements from the savings created by canceling the existing contact as well as the use of document filing fees that are already in place and generating nearly two million dollars in annual revenue. It has been estimated that replacing the existing outdated system which was first introduced in 1959 with one that was created in this millennium could cost as much as 2.5 million dollars. Through the revenue saved and document fee that is already being collected we should be able to upgrade the system without any additional fees to the public.

What, if any, new ethics-related rules are needed for the circuit clerk?s office?

Considering the Supreme Court?s Cease and Assist order given to my opponent and the current Clerk?s office, as well as the sensitive nature of the documents in which the Clerks office is charged with maintaining and safe keeping. I believe it necessary for us to create and maintain transparency in all aspects of the office. We must ensure the fair and equal treatment for all users of the Clerks office not just a few hand picked individuals as the current administration has allowed under the guidance of my opponent. I believe that there must be an ethics review on how we properly and legally move the office forward. Under a Dav? administration I will convene a panel of experts to review the specific ethics revision needed to ensure that we are being as transparent as possible and that all citizens? privacy is being safe guarded and they all are being treated equally and fairly.

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