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updated: 9/21/2012 4:33 PM

Cary Collins: Candidate Profile

22nd District Senate (Republican)

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  • Cary Collins, running for 22nd District Senate

    Cary Collins, running for 22nd District Senate




Note: Answers provided have not been edited for grammar, misspellings or typos. In some instances, candidate claims that could not be immediately verified have been omitted.

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City: Hoffman Estates

Website: http://www.cjcollins4Senate

Office sought: 22nd District Senate

Age: 64

Family: Susan Wife of 35 years, Brothers Tom, Ted, Tim. Sisters Libby, Cathy.

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Under graduate degree Business Administration and management 1970, Law degree John Marshall 1979

Civic involvement: Past Chairperson Hoffman Estates Unit of American Cancer Society,Northwest Suburban Unit American Cancer Society (Palatine),Hoffman Estates Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (Past General Counsel),Founder Hoffman Estates Park District Foundation(Director Emeritis),Member or Chairperson of numerous Commitees in the Village of Hoffman estates including the Fire and Police Commision Chairperson, Western Area Commitee co-chairperson, Traffic Fee inquiry Board chairperson, Capital Improvement Board Chairperson, Firefighters Pension Board, Police Pension Board,Economic Development Board,Illinois Parks and Recreaction Joint Public Awareness Commitee, Illinois Park District Annual Conference Committee and several others over the years.

Elected offices held: Village of Hoffman Estates Park District 1997-2003, Trustee Village Of Hoffman Estates,2003-2010. Held post of Deputy Mayor

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Changing the culture of politics in illinois. Term limits reduce legislators salaries and benefits particularly health care. This is not a career opportunity, 2 terms maximum for legislators.

Key Issue 2

You do not have to break the pension system to fix It. You must use common sense and apply it when considering long term financial issues.

Key Issue 3

Make Illinois a business friendly enviorment, reduce taxes, reduce regulations and mandates for business. Offer employers a pool of employees qualified to use the advanced equipment being used in business and manufacturing with a proper education.

Questions & Answers

How would you fix the state's pension gap? Should pension costs be shifted to suburban school districts? Why or why not? Should this issue be voted on in a lame-duck session? Why or why not? How can partisan gridlock be eased to solve the crisis?

This would take more space than is available. Three years ago I recommended to IML increasing contributions for police and Firefighters while increasing the maximum Pension they could receive to 80% from 75% of final salary for their 30-35 years of service. This increases the contributions and will reduce the number of years that pensions will be collected and the numbers would work. A contribution increase from 9.9% to 15% with an alternative to participate in the Tier II program now in existence would solidify the police and fire pensions over time. The same type of thinking can be applied to the teacher pensions. The pensions of retired teachers and those retiring in the next 5 years are funded. You must do an actuarial study to determine how much the contributions of teachers must increase perhaps as high as 25% of salar; the state matches the contributions and teachers who do not wish to participate may opt for Tier II. I am absolutely opposed to a cost shift of the Teachers Pensions; the current legislators caused this problem(democrats) and it should not be shifted to the suburbs. We pay enough to the general fund for Chicago Schools as it is. With some common sense the Pension problem can be solved.

How, specifically, would you cut the budget? What does Illinois need to do to fix its status as a "deadbeat state?" How will you vote on future gambling bills? What is your view of slots at racetracks? Casino expansion?

First of all departments should be required to use a zero based budget not the 5% increase over last year budget. If the departments were required to justify all the positions, you can determine which positions are necessary and which are not required. I believe you could easily reduce the budget by 5-25%

What can you do specifically to help the economy in your district? How can you help create jobs in your district and statewide? What is your view of the tax breaks granted to companies like Motorola Mobility, Navistar and Sears?

We should seek out and utilize the opportunity to bring in International Corporations. The French currently conduct a trade EXPO of countries all over the world focusing on the third world countries. Chicago and the Schaumburg-Elgin Corridor has the facilities and entertainment to attract such a group if the communities would work in co-operation to make it happen and think outside the box. There are great opportunities to attract Chinese and Indian companies who are doing business with Sears and other companies. Restore the current facilities in Elgin rather than tear them down. Think!

Do you favor limiting how much money party leaders can give candidates during an election? If elected, do you plan to vote for the current leader of your caucus? Why or why not? Do you support or oppose campaign contribution limits? Please explain.

Absolutely. I am running as a Republican but I am a member of the Caucous of the "Illinois Citizens" that is whom I report to.......I would support the best individuals for the positions regardless of the political party. I very well believe it would be a person who is not a current leader. I showed independence as a member of the Hoffman Estates village Board on numerous issues. I disagreed with despite my friendship with the Mayor and Board members and I will do that as a State Senator. Keep the costs of campaigns within the amount a citizen can afford. The fact that campaigns need $800,000 for a position leads me to believe that legislators are being bought by various interests and the legilators cannot possibly remain honest. No race should cost more than $50,000!

Should gay marriage be legalized in Illinois? Should it be voted on in a lame-duck session as civil unions were? Should Illinois define life as beginning at conception? How would you vote on a concealed carry plan? Should the death penalty return?

No. marriage is a religous act in my view. I believe the issue has been sufficiently addressed by Civil Unions. I believe life begins at conception; an attempt to terminate a being is a serious act and must not be done without proper justification and consideration. I believe that rational law abiding citizens should be able to conceal and carry firearms; it could deter criminals from using firearms. The death penalty is a very practical deterent against murder and other serious crimes; however terminating a life is a very serious moral and ethical decision which should not be taken lightly and used infrequently if ever.