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updated: 9/21/2012 4:37 PM

Linda Pedersen: Candidate Profile

Lake County board District 1 (Republican)

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  • Linda Pedersen, running for Lake County board District 1

    Linda Pedersen, running for Lake County board District 1




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City: Antioch


Office sought: Lake County board District 1

Age: 62

Family: Married 42 years - Husband Dean, two children, 3 grandchildren

Occupation: Lake County Board Commissioner - District 1 Part time Legislative Aide - State Representative Jo Ann Osmond

Education: High School

Civic involvement: Antioch Rotary 1993 - Present IL Route 173 CAG Committee 2011- Present Hastings Lake YMCA Board 1998-2003 Antioch District 34 Foundation - 1996-2000 Antioch Centennial Chairman - 1990 - 1992 Illinois Lincoln Series Graduate 1998

Elected offices held: Precinct Committeeman 1996 - 2012 Antioch Township Trustee 2006 -2008 Lake County Board 2009 - 2012

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Fiscal Responsibility, we are one of a few counties across he United States that has been fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. We have low debt, strong financial reserves and continue to maintain a AAA bond rating. This is so important to the fiscal health of our county. In the past four years we have made major cuts to our budget ad held the line on unnecessary spending. It's important that we continue the practice of balanced budgets by making sound financial decisions with taxpayers in mind.

Key Issue 2

Economic growth is so important to the success of Lake County in so many ways, by increasing the tax base it helps our schools and decreases the tax burden on homeowners. Encouraging business development and expansion in Lake County will create a great positive impact for all of us. The County is a strong supporter of Lake County Partners who promote and actively seek new business in the County. We take an active role on their board of directors and support them financially Transportation is a strong component with economic growth, we need to continue with or infrastructure program and continue to make improvements and be a strong proponent of Route 53.

Key Issue 3

It's very important to find a balance between protecting our natural resources and development. As Vice President of Lake County Forest Preserve District, I am committed to preserving open space and planned preserves for our residents to enjoy for many years to come. That being said we need to work on smart development and planning that allows for protection of our natural resources.

Questions & Answers

Now that golf at Fort Sheridan is a dead issue, what types of amenities should be added to the site?

This is such a beautiful piece of property with Lake Michigan shoreline, I would like to see additional trails and restoration projects done so the public can fully enjoy the beauty of this natural setting.

What, if any, new ethics-related rules are needed for the county board and county staff?

We just reviewed and made some revisions to our ethics ordinance. A committee of board members was selected to review and make changes along with input from staff and other board members. I am confident that this document clearly lays out what is expected of the staff and the board on ethics related issues.

Government transparency has been an important issue in recent years. Name one thing the county government or forest preserve district should do to improve transparency.

I feel we are doing a good job with transparency with the County, we have launched a new "Open Government/Transparency" web page, which gives you access to our budgets as well as public records, elected officials, expenditures and more. Our Website has been ranked among the most transparent government websites in America and has received two "Sunny Awards" and an A+transparency grade for its website the last two years. I do feel we are in need of improvement at the Forest Preserve with our website as far as transparency and we are in the process of doing just that. You will see some changes in the near future to our website as well as transparency issues.

Should the forest district use eminent domain to acquire the land needed for the final link in the Des Plaines River Trail? Why or why not? If your answer is no, how should officials go about acquiring that land sooner than later?

I have no intentions on supporting eminent domain. It has been the policy of the Forest Preserve board for the last 15 years or so not to use eminent domain to acquire property and I support this policy. It's my hope that when the property owner decides to sell , we will have the opportunity to purchase it. If not who ever the new owners are, it would hope that they will work with us and let us purchase enough for a trail connection or work with us on an easement.

What will be the biggest issue facing the county over the next decade, and how do you propose dealing with it?

The financial situation with the State of Illinois continues to be a burden for our County with the State not paying bills, cutting our revenue and continuously making us take on more of their responsibility. Although I feel it's a up hill climb, we need to continue to put pressure on the State to solve their financial problems and not have the burden fall on other government entities and the taxpayers.