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posted: 9/18/2012 5:15 AM

Rose vs. Cutler no contest with Chicago fans

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  • Bulls guard Derrick Rose, shown here with his mother Brenda after unveiling his new shoe the adidas D Rose 3, shows the kind of emotions that endear him to Chicagoans, says Mike North.

    Bulls guard Derrick Rose, shown here with his mother Brenda after unveiling his new shoe the adidas D Rose 3, shows the kind of emotions that endear him to Chicagoans, says Mike North.
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You saw the best and worst of Chicago athletes this past week.

First, look at Derrick Rose. At a news conference for his latest shoe endorsement, Rose became extremely emotional when they showed his injury on a TV screen. His sincerity was genuine, as he cried -- thanking fans for all the support he had received.

He talked about his good fortune, and how he truly relishes the fact he is from Englewood and a Chicago guy. He expressed his concern about the violence on the Chicago streets and his distress over the teachers' strike.

He was real, and he was himself.

Now compare Rose's appearance to the boorish quarterback of the Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler.

I really didn't need another reason to dislike this prima donna. But his berating of offense lineman J'Marcus Webb, on the field after he got sacked, and then bumping him was a giant no-no.

Does Jay care? I don't think so. I warned everyone when he was signed by the Bears. I remember some people thought we had just signed the Messiah, and I tried to tell everyone he was not that good.

The arrogant Cutler is a tier B quarterback with a great arm. Rose is an MVP, who loves being a Chicagoan and playing for his hometown team.

Cutler is like a hired hitman brought in from out of town who can't shoot straight. If the Bears don't make it to the playoffs, look for GM Phil Emery to shop their quarterback.

I really came in with an open mind on Cutler this year, but the so-called leader did himself in with bad play, a bad temper, and a bad attitude -- from telling the fans to hush, to telling linemen they can't block.

When Derrick Rose looks in the mirror, I hope he likes what he sees because he should. He's a winner.

When Cutler looks in the mirror, he sees what he is: a public-relations nightmare who has alienated everyone around him.

To the Cutler apologists out there, enjoy him while you can. Playoffs or bust. There are 14 games left and maybe he can turn things around on the field and off.

Maybe he should give D- Rose a call and ask him how he handles adversity at such a young age.

The funny thing is Cutler mirrors the image I've had of Bears ownership once Michael McCaskey took over the reins in the early 1980s.

Hopefully Rose will heal so he can compete this year. I know the fans will love him either way.

I get the impression right now that fans don't care what Cutler does. We only have to tolerate him a little longer.

No Heisman for Barkley

Matt Barkley, who I've been a fan of since he has been the quarterback at USC, knocked himself out of Heisman Trophy consideration after losing to Stanford Saturday night.

Barkley performed poorly, going 20 for 41 in the game. He will be good at the next level, but the Heisman was his for the taking and he didn't get it done.

I thought Notre Dame would lose to Michigan State, but now with a 3-0 record, ND coach Brian Kelly's defense is getting it done. How excited are all the ND fans?


Condolences to the family of my friend, Harry Sator, who recently passed away at 86. He was a happy fixture at the Park Ridge Recreation Center. Also condolences for former Associated Press giant Joe Mooshil, a really nice man who passed away at 85.

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