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posted: 9/13/2012 5:00 AM

Remove the hate from the dialogue

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Seven killed in Wisconsin, 16 in Colorado, more in Tucson -- think our country has changed? The Wisconsin incident is troubling for it is an "act of domestic terrorism," which means a hater went on a rampage. This paper has printed constitutionally guaranteed opinions calling our president a socialist and our country only a Christian nation. My guaranteed opinion can state this: I am sorry, people, you are very ignorant and very wrong, and that is what really scares me. The rhetoric in our politics has a very hateful tone it, and I postulate that such rhetoric and softer gun laws have given the green light to the crazies of the world to open up and shoot anyone in sight at movie theaters and peaceful places of worship.

In my opinion this rhetoric mainly comes from the conservatives of our country and has been aimed at our president since day one he took office. It has just snowballed after that. Yes, our country has changed. My one request is that we all become informed citizens before we go the polls.

Please read how people came to this land running away from religious persecution. Read the political theory of socialism. True socialists are offended by calling our president a socialist. You will find out that our president is embracing Republican ideas of the 1990s. He signed a health care program based on a Republican governor's program in Massachusetts.

Do not cast a vote in hate. Cooler heads must prevail and we as voters must lead the way. We need to get the Joe Walshes out of Congress and put the people who are rational in thought and are willing to compromise in place to move our country forward. Then maybe our hate for each other might start to fade.

Steven Thompson

Arlington Heights

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