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posted: 9/12/2012 5:00 AM

Media failing in its job to investigate

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In response to "Our View" on Aug. 30, it's not Romney's fragile moment in history but ours -- all of ours. Most who bought in were thrilled by a man from a state with such a rich history of corruption, Barack Obama, another snake oil salesman from Chicago, who keeps to the same tactics that work in Illinois. Who can blame him? Twisting truth, coercion and "where's mine" politics never fail the politicians in Illinois and Chicago. We just keep electing these people and keep voting them back in.

The real shame in this one point of reference is newspapers like the Daily Herald not seeing this, and because a candidate from this "rich" state happens to be black you fall for the same sales pitch, ignore all past records and associations Obama had and just jump on the big bandwagon pulled by fools. The news media in this country are also in one of those "fragile moments" concerning their credibility.

I never in my 60 years have felt this much fear for myself, my family and this country's future and what will happen if Obama gets back in. If people continue to be naive about politicians who lack any principles or ethics and if people ignore character flaws that should be most evident and telling about a person's integrity, we're all doomed. Newspapers must be lighthouses shining light on anyone, no matter what party, race, sexual orientation, and if questions arise, investigate. The Washington Post did this with Watergate. How many such Watergates have happened over these years and been ignored?

If papers no longer have the budget for that kind of investigative journalism, then change. At least stop being shills for corrupt people.

Mark Sauck

Hanover Park

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