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posted: 9/8/2012 5:00 AM

Gay marriage legal? Oh, perish the thought!

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Your July 31 article titled "Dems to back gay marriage?" is frightening. If the Democrats start truly backing equal rights and the GOP can't stop them, where might this lead? Thank God many states have heroically passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. What if these lawmakers had focused on less-important issues like the economy, budgets and long-term goals -- and not on allowing U.S. citizens to experience discriminatory practices in our society? I'm straight now, but if gay marriage becomes legal, how will I stop myself from trying to pick up men? Some people have told me that homosexuality is not a choice, but are you sure? Why wouldn't someone choose a lifestyle where they may be shunned by friends/family/society?

People tell me I should not worry about my feelings changing based on what other people are allowed to do. How do you know? Can you prove that I won't turn gay if two men are allowed to marry? I know that religion has been incorrectly invoked to discriminate against certain groups throughout the past, but this time, this is not bigotry; it is God's will. If he saw these people (and yes, even they are his children) enjoying equal rights, he would surely be furious.

Although Jesus never mentioned "the gays" in the Bible, I'm sure he meant to tell us that homosexuality is wrong. With the divorce rate hovering at or near zero, and "until death do us part" currently meaning exactly that -- aren't the Dems really putting a lot on the line with this goal of equal rights for homosexuals? If gay marriage becomes legal, American families will certainly be destroyed!

Colin Barr

Arlington Heights

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