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posted: 9/7/2012 4:15 AM

One thing liberals fail to acknowledge

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One thing liberals fail to acknowledge

The Fence Post submission by Kristin Aye-Guerrero of Wheaton called Cal Thomas' idea of the Romney-Ryan ticket inviting successful business persons to speak at campaign stops "propaganda." She then regurgitates the liberal mantra "they didn't build that," citing a laundry list of government funded things such as roads, utilities, police, currency, education, apparently meaning without them small business could not even exist in this country.

Nobody can disagree that the government does in fact provide a long list of services that benefit all Americans, but when it comes to successful small business owners, liberals fail to acknowledge there is one key ingredient the government can't and never will be able to provide.

What's that you ask? That would be the entrepreneurial spirit, the risk taking, gut wrenching, good ol' fashion blood, sweat and tears work ethic that it takes to even dare begin a small business. Those are things liberals fail to recognize and honor when they continually insult all business owners by telling them "they didn't build that."

Sure, all of those services are provided by the government. So here is an ideal for Obama and all liberals -- start penalizing, oh, I mean, taxing Americans who don't use these bridges, roads, and licenses to drive and spend their government-printed currency on the various goods and services provided by these small businesses. Yes, even if they are out of work and don't have the money to do so.

Otherwise, what good would it be for the government to spend tax dollars to put a service in place and not force Americans to use them?

Tim Garlisch


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