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posted: 9/6/2012 4:40 AM

Don't make assumptions about Obama voters

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Recently, having returned to my car after meeting my wife for lunch, I discovered a note left under my windshield wiper. The note stated:




I suppose that this was left on my car because of the large number of left-wing bumper stickers on my vehicle. After reading this note, I laughed. Later, thinking about the statements and the assumptions that the writer had made about me and my condition, I was disturbed. I am in my 60s, hold a master's degree, have never looked for a handout or received government aid. I wouldn't define a "loser" this way. My wife holds a master's degree and a job, my two sons are college-educated and employed, and all of us feel lucky that our hard work has been successful.

But I feel sorry for those who can't afford a college education, have no health insurance, don't have a job and have lost their homes or, more importantly, have no food to feed their families. Those of us in the situation to help others owe to our community and this American society what we can to help each other, not berate them as "losers."

I feel sorry for the individual who wrote this because he or she must feel slighted by what is happening in his or her life. I would like to think that the writer of this message could read this letter and might think more highly of those he or she has not yet met.

Yes, I will vote for our president, and I already have a job. I am hopeful the writer finds one soon.

Kevin Brewner

St. Charles

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