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posted: 9/2/2012 5:00 AM

Officials' raises are an outrage

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I was outraged about the article on the front page "Officials in 31 townships get automatic raises." This is crazy.

Most of us normal nongovernment people have had to suffer with job losses, pay cuts, or stagnant wages. What is even more appalling is that these elected officials grant themselves these wages.

Township government is not the only level of government that does it. Shame on St. Charles Township officials. Those residents have to pick up a tab for their 13.5 percent self-granted raises.

Then there is Glenn Swanson, Wauconda supervisor gave himself a whopping $11,000 raise (in trade he will have if frozen for 2 years ... thanks)) I'm sure your township residents could have spent their tax dollars more wisely. Swanson's comment: "a study was done, it was done by myself. Fair is fair and equal is equal."

Thank goodness I don't live in Wauconda.

Of course, here is kudos to Avon township officials. They refused their raises and gave their money to operate the food pantry and also helped pay property taxes for some struggling residents. In an era where the necessity of township government is being questioned, these other selfish acts of voting in their own raises sickens me.

As more homeowners challenge their taxes due to falling house values and less tax money comes in, our officials owe fiscal responsibility to their communities and must stop spending. And we wonder why Illinois gets a poor credit rating because of its spending?

Townships are the smallest of governments. Make your voices heard, people.

Laurie Behrendt


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