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posted: 8/15/2012 4:40 AM

Income tax part of Marx's communist plan

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In my last letter I addressed plank one of Marx's 10 planks of the "Communist Manifesto:" abolition of private property. It could be argued that plank one has not been entirely fulfilled, as there is at least the semblance of rights of private property.

Plank two has been fulfilled in its entirety: A heavy progressive income tax. And, of course, plank two allows the unchecked growth of government. It allows them all the funding they need to crush the constitution and control our lives.

Marx supposedly penned the Manifesto in 1848. We were given the income tax in 1913 by the socialist Woodrow Wilson. How did we ever get by as a nation for 137 years without an income tax?

Why any free people would want to entrust that amount of power to a government agency is beyond me. The IRS has the power to ruin people's lives.

It was originally a 1 percent tax enacted to soak the rich. Sound familiar? It would never grow beyond 5 percent, they said. It was paid once a year on April 15. But along came World War II and the government said, "We need your tax money right away for the war. We are enacting a provision called 'weekly withholding.' But it will go back to the old way after the war."

That allowed the incremental increase in taxes. Imagine the outcry if you had to pay it all at once on April 15. Think frog in boiling water.

Remember, this a plank of communism. The constitution does not allow direct taxation. We survived and prospered for 137 years without the income tax.

Daniel Webster aptly stated, "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

Now we have the Obamacare tax. Don't worry ... it's to soak the rich.

Jeff Lonigro

St. Charles

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