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posted: 8/9/2012 4:40 AM

Will Daily Herald pick Romney or Obama?

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Mitt Romney's VP choice aside, who will the Daily Herald pick this time around?

In 2008, Republican nominee John McCain had a long record of bipartisan leadership. He was a fiscal hawk who had long advocated for a balanced-budget amendment and never once requested an earmark. He was a foreign policy hawk who insisted, correctly, that a surge in troops would result in a more peaceful Iraq.

Contrarily, Barack Obama was sure the Iraq surge would fail. He was an ideological candidate with a thin resume, no executive experience, a pattern of poor judgment and billions in earmarks. Even after saying he wanted to spread the wealth around, the Daily Herald endorsed him.

Since then, the tone in Washington and the state of the union has only gotten worse. Obama has run trillion-dollar deficits for four years. His first budget proposal was defeated 97-0 and his latest try was called "a nervous breakdown on paper" by a fellow Democrat. He has done nothing to address high health care costs and everything to increase premiums and government control.

Meanwhile, Romney has racked up one professional success after another. Gee, I wonder who the Herald will endorse this time.

Kate Bochte


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