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posted: 8/9/2012 1:15 PM

Editorial on guns was out of touch

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"Our View" is out of touch with thinking people, being consistently "liberal" (not in the classical sense). It is apparent newspaper people, of similar age and upbringing as their readers, see the world very differently. As is the wont of "liberals," you assert government always knows what's best for everyone and it's a shame when they don't get their way.

The Aug. 5 editorial, as usual, expressed opinions without factual basis, and appealed to emotion and illogic with omissions and non-facts. Throwing a bone to the gullible, invoking "the cherished Second Amendment," is dissembling. An editorial recommending firearms you favor for the reader's purchase (perhaps flintlocks?) might restore some probity.

Gov. Quinn, a garron of Madigan, would ban all guns. Banning "assault weapons" is a first step. The "political realities" that you bemoan can be attributed to Illinois citizens who value their remaining freedoms and refuse surrender to politicians and do-gooders. You intimate "modern technologies" (gas-operated firearms invented over 100 years ago; the media's so-called assault weapons) are exceedingly dangerous to society. These firearms (seldom weapons), are commonly used for sport, hunting and self-defense -- peacefully, responsibly owned by millions of Americans. Claiming their only purpose is "to efficiently kill human beings" is pandering to the emotions and ignorance of the uninformed.

An editorial priority for public safety rather than political correctness would emphasize recent mass shootings occurred in "gun-free zones." The theater shootings in Colorado, a concealed-carry state, could have been minimized sans the proprietors' no-gun policy. What a terrible burden it must be on their consciences to belatedly realize one armed patron might have saved so many others. Get with the times and reject the tried and failed gun-control agenda.

Glenn Garamoni


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