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posted: 8/7/2012 4:40 AM

Health care law looks like winner

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The Republican Party is pushing hard on the idea of repealing the health care law or as they call it, "Obamacare."

Indeed this proposal is designed to generate enthusiasm and get people out to vote. Nothing wrong with that. However, those constituents motivated as a result should look at what the Affordable Health Care Act has to offer.

Some of the benefits; Young adults up to age 26 can now be covered under their parents' health care plans, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny or exclude coverage for children under age 19 and in 2014 insurance companies will not be able to deny or exclude anyone or charge more for a pre-existing condition or disability. Insurance companies are now prohibited from imposing lifetime dollar limits on essential coverage, small business owners are now getting tax credits to help reduce their costs, America's seniors will receive free preventive care services and prescription drug costs will be reduced by the phasing out of the doughnut hole.

This is only a partial listing. The major objection to the AHCA put forth is the cost. I don't believe that is a strong objection since we already have those costs in our current system. Individuals that do not have insurance coverage are treated in our hospitals; we don't turn them away. And these costs are absorbed by the hospitals and recovered from those of us who have coverage in the form of increase services costs and insurance premium increases.

The 30-plus million people the Act will cover will pay premiums for their coverage helping to spread cost. Insurance exchanges will be established and in 2014 members of Congress will be getting their health care insurance through exchanges. It looks like a winner to me.

Ronald Fuchs

St. Charles

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