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posted: 8/5/2012 5:00 AM

Government excess makes me weary

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I'm tired of the government running my life. You can't run our state or country, so what makes you think you can run my life?

I'm tired of you regulating and taxing small businesses to the point where they're dropping like flies. I'm tired of you adding taxes on top of taxes to compensate for your senseless spending.

I'm tired of you deciding what I can and cannot eat. I'm tired of listening to you and your counterparts banter back and forth like small schoolchildren. I'm tired of your negative television commercials. Our state and country are in dire financial straits. Do you understand that?

You have no qualms about chastising a local business owner for voicing his opinion on gay marriages, yet you can't address the real issues having an impact on my life. If I'm not mistaken, freedom of speech is still guaranteed by our Constitution.

I'm tired of hearing promises heaped on top of promises so that you can get elected, then seeing those promises go down the drain once you're in office. I'm tired of hearing you say undocumented aliens instead of illegal aliens.

Why is it that I (and a vast majority of American citizens) can figure out what needs to be done to get our state and country back on track and you still don't get it?

Here's a little advice. Lose your ego and stop making a career out of trying to take care of me. Stop taking large contributions from corporations and other sources that only care about their own agendas, and start doing what's right for those you serve.

I only have a high school education, but I'm intelligent enough to provide and care for my family without you overseeing or taxing everything we do.

Steve Haisley

Vernon Hills

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