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posted: 7/2/2012 8:32 AM

Take time to read founding document

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We're upon the most significant day of the year, July 4, the day our Founders wrote what is unarguably the finest document ever written by those who fostered the Revolution and sent it to the king of England. Every American should take the time to read the Declaration of Independence (it only takes a few minutes) and realize what the signers risked. Had we lost the Revolution the signers would surely have been shackled and shipped to England for trial and their eventual execution.

Read the names at the bottom. Many lived out their lives in debt, some died penniless and others are unrecognized and forgotten. Who remembers Francis Lewis, William Ellery, John Hart and the other little-known statesmen?

Thomas Jefferson was selected to write the letter to King George III with suggestions from others. The body of the Declaration lists the reasons for our duty to revolt and remove the colonies from the tyranny of King George.

So read this amazing compact, enjoy the day and remember the 56 brave patriots who made it possible.

Timothy D. O'Reilly


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