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updated: 6/28/2012 2:50 PM

Twitter reacts to health care ruling

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To no one's surprise, Twitter has exploded today with comments about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on health care today. Here's a sampling of tweets.

Lauren Lopez @LaurenLopez1

Wait...we're taking steps toward affordable and fair healthcare for all Americans?! WHAT A CONCEPT.

Savan Kotecha @Savan_Kotecha

Its not about democrat or republican, it's about being HUMAN and believing basic health care, food, and shelter is a RIGHT not a privilege.

u c @Fair_Tax

You think #healthcare was expensive wait till you see what it will cost you now that its "free" Nothing is free nothing unless stolen

Rachael Gleason @rachaelgleason

Brace yourselves. Everyone on the Internet is about to become a constitutional scholar. #healthcare

Senate Republicans @Senate_GOPs

Reality Check: Obama's Mandate Tax Hits Middle Class #obamacare #hcr

Petar Serafimovski @Petar_Sera

Facebook=conservative, Twitter=liberal. It's so fun to watch different reactions after each major political event. #obamacare #healthcare

Senator Rand Paul @SenRandPaul

#Obamacare is wrong for Americans. It will destroy our health care system. This means we fight every hour, every day..

Sincere @YoungFreshSwag

Romney said #Obamacare is a job killer... Sorry to inform u Mitt but not having Healthcare is a people killer!

molly @Molly_Kats

Look, I could be doing something productive with my day, but I choose to fight with strangers on twitter.

Dr. K @medschooladvice

Retweet if you are in the medical field and believe in #Obamacare. It's our opinion that matters more than opinions of partisan politicians.

john cullen @jcullen77

The future taxpayer in me isn't to pumped about this...but the human being in me is overjoyed #obamacare

Callie Schweitzer @cschweitz

What a great day to be broccoli #obamacare

Steve Heath @steveheath

The talking heads from both sides are going to be insufferable today. #obamacare #politics

Ruby Beets @Rubybeets

I feel very sorry for people currently on great health plans who will now get a degraded health care plan through their employers #ObamaCare

bigredape @bigredape

And suddenly, thousands of employers drop their insurance plans like canceling an expensive cellphone contract #ObamaCare

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