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posted: 6/20/2012 5:00 AM

Need names of the judges, too

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I just read where a motorist, during road rage, struck and killed a motorcyclist. That is a tragedy itself but a tragedy just as bad is we never get to see the names of the judges who never really drop the gavel on these people and keep letting them off with supervision and a fine.

There have been numerous cases of people driving with suspended licenses driving over the speed limit and causing accidents and yet they remain on the highway because the man in the robe will not mete out proper justice. Why can't we see the names of the judges who let these people back on the highway to create havoc on the highways?

We talk about gun control and how dangerous sidearms are but are they any more dangerous than a person behind 2,600 pounds of metal being driven dangerously at an illegal speed?

Charles Brown