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posted: 5/19/2012 1:00 AM

Expert tips on making a kitchen 'GF'

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Kitchen items that shouldn't be shared

These items are almost always contaminated with traces of gluten and can't properly be sanitized, either because they are electric or because crumbs get trapped in their small crevices, says Jen Cafferty of Downers Grove, a gluten-free culinary instructor and business consultant with gfreelife. com:

1. Toaster

2. Serrated knife

3. Cutting board

4. Colander or strainer used for pasta

5. Metal baking pans with square corners

6. Waffle iron

7. Muffin tin

Cafferty's tips on how to have a safe, shared kitchen:

1. Run all items that can be thoroughly sanitized through the sani-cycle of your dishwasher.

2. Purchase Toast-It Bags (reusable, nonflammable bags) that allow you to toast your bread in a contaminated toaster.

3. Use parchment paper on cookie sheets to make a barrier from the pan.

4. Put a piece of aluminum foil on your grill to make a barrier from the grill residue.

5. Label condiment jars in the refrigerator as "GF." It is very easy for someone to put a knife with bread crumbs into a jar and not realize they are contaminating it.

6. Have a specific GF shelf in the pantry where all GF items are stored.

7. Have dedicated counter space for cutting GF items. That way no regular crumbs will ever enter that area of the kitchen.

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