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updated: 2/10/2012 4:02 PM

John Humes: Candidate Profile

46th District Representative (Republican)

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  • John Humes, running for 46th District Representative

    John Humes, running for 46th District Representative




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City: Addison


Office sought: 46th District Representative

Age: 29

Family: Married to Sara, father of Grace, Isabelle and Johnny

Occupation: Owner and Funeral director

Education: A.A.S. mortuary science from Worsham college

Civic involvement: Knights of Columbus, Treasurer of the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Foundation, President of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association, former President of the Addison Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President DuPage County Funeral Directors, member Addison Historical Commission, former member Addison Transit Task Force, member National Funeral Directors Association Advocacy Committee

Elected offices held: None

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Job creation and building a better business climate. I will vote to repeal Pat Quinn 67% tax hike. As a small business owner I understand the impact of this tax burden on families.

Key Issue 2

Public Safety, I will work with the States Attorney Bob Berlin and Sheriff Zaruba to increase public safety in the State of Illinois, with my background as a former Firefighter/Paramedic.

Key Issue 3

Springfield working together, I am not afraid to work with both sides of the aisle to put Illinois first.

Questions & Answers

What can you do specifically to help the economy in your district? What is your view of the tax breaks granted to companies like Motorola Mobility, Navistar and Sears? For incumbents, how did you vote on the Sears plan in this fall's veto session?

As the former President of the Addison Chamber of Commerce I am committed to coordinate with local economic development groups to discover their needs. As a business owner I understand that we need to make the job climate of Illinois competitive with the rest of the Midwest, we must lower workers compensation costs, the corporate income tax and regulatory burdens on our businesses. I feel that the tax breaks made the economic climate worse in Illinois and we need to develop a business climate that helps both big and small business and does not punish taxpayers.

Do you favor limiting how much money party leaders can give candidates during a general election? If elected, do you plan to vote for the current leader of your caucus' Why or why not?

The goal of campaign finance reform should be to make legislators more independent from their leaders and more accountable to their voters. I do believe that contribution limits should be imposed on political parties and funds controlled by the leaders. I would vote for Leader Cross, I feel that he has tackled real state problems head on and I look forward to working with him.

How, specifically, would you cut the budget? What does Illinois need to do to fix its status as a "deadbeat state?" How have you or will you vote on future gambling bills' What is your view of slots at racetracks' Casino expansion?

Real pension reform like in SB 512, I support Medicaid reform to prevent waste and abuse. I favor a line by line audit of state spending and the sale of state planes. To fix our status as a deadbeat State we need to pay our bills, we can accomplish this by spending less than we take in, I pledge not to vote for any budget that spends more than it recieves. I would vote for a Chicago casino as long as it falls under the state gaming control board. I am in favor of slots at race tracks and think the horse racing industry has to be part of the solution.

What do you specifically support to deal with the state's pension gap? Would you vote for House Republican Leader Tom Cross's three-tier pension plan? Why or why not?

I support SB 512 because it is the only attempt that I have seen to address this massive projected shortfall. This plan allows employees to stay in their current plan and increase their contribution or choose a lesser benefit and contribution plan.

I feel that 512 gives people choice as to their retirements just like most people in the private sector.I feel strongly that it is the responsibility of the state to make good on its pension obligations and if nothing is done the funds will take up over half of the states budget in the near future. I will not allow peoples retirements to disappear.

Should gay marriage be legalized? Should Illinois define life as beginning at conception as others have? How would you vote on a concealed carry firearm plan? Should the death penalty be reinstated?

I do not believe gay marriage should be legalized. I am pro life with exceptions of the health of the mother, rape and insest,. I am extremely pro second amendment and would vote yes on a concealed carry bill. I believe the death penalty should be reinstated, our state no longer has punishment that fits the crime of murder. Working with my supporter States Attorney Berlin I have learned much perspective on this matter. I believe better DNA testing and collection would allow for the death penaltys reinstatement. I support it's reinstatement immediately for the murder of a police officer or firefighter/EMS worker.