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updated: 2/10/2012 4:45 PM

Michael Stanard: Candidate Profile

McHenry County board District 6 (Republican)

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  • Michael Stanard, running for McHenry County board District 6

    Michael Stanard, running for McHenry County board District 6




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BioKey IssuesQ&A



City: Woodstock


Office sought: McHenry County board District 6

Age: 66

Family: Joeleen and Michael Stanard are the parents of 5 children. Beth, the oldest, lives in Scottsdale, Arizona as does her youngest sister, Anna Vivirito. Sister Denise and her two children live in Lincolnwood. Joeleen's son Aaron lives and works in Chicago.

Occupation: Marketing, Advertising & Design Professional

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northern Illinois University, 1971

Civic involvement: ? Chester Gould / Dick Tracy Museum / Board Member -- Served as President, Friends of the Opera House -- Advisory Board Member, Northern Illinois University College of Visual & Performing Arts -- Retired board member, Evanston Chamber of Commerce

Elected offices held: President, Village of Greenwood, Illinois

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Less Government Intrusion

Many McHenry County citizens are deeply with concern with what is happening to our country. American businesses and individuals are over-taxed and over-regulated. Our way of life seems to be slipping away and yet our ineffective government continues to grow and consume more of our tax dollars.

Virtually all our economic problems are the result of government meddling , inefficiencies, waste, corruption and, in a word, ineptitude.

Here in McHenry County our government has bloated and expanded far beyond what is necessary to provide the basic services we need.

Key Issue 2


Financial Policies

This seems obvious. However, elected officials seem intent on spending your money in ways they would never spend their own.

We can begin by reducing the size and cost of Government. Here is a simple, easy & painless way to end the County Board budget dilemma.

If my 13 year old daughter or yours, for example, was receiving a $20.00 allowance, and if her allowance was reduced by merely 5%, she could certainly make do with nineteen dollars, instead of twenty.

Our teenager might complain a bit at first, but she would soon realize and quickly agree to help mom and dad with the household budget. After all, only one dollar less would not put much of a crimp in her lifestyle.

The 2012 County Board budget will amount to $254,000,000. That is, the County Board spends over 24 million each month - $695,890.00 per day, each and every day.

If we were to make a 5% cut, across the board, in every agency and every department, the savings would amount to $12,700,000.00, almost 13 million dollar, per year. This could be accomplished without the painful surgical removal of entire programs that are critically important, desirable or otherwise emotionally charged.

Like our 13 year olds, 5% less would not put a crimp in the County Board's life-style. Is a solution that would obviously work for a 13 year old too simple and easy?

Key Issue 3

The County Needs Leaders With Practical Business Experience

Almost half of the members current County Board are government employees. . . or work for organizations supported by

tax payers dollars. Most others are employees who have never made a payroll.

Only a few have

the practical

bottom-line understanding of what it takes to run a business.

Establishing a successful business, from nothing but a dream, helps develop a level of resiliency and entrepreneurial savvy that can be obtained no other way. Winning and retaining satisfied customers, managing employees, navigating government regulation plus doing the work itself, requires stamina, if not stubbornness.

We've been making payroll every two weeks for over 33 years. Some weeks are pleasant and satisfying. Some weeks are not so pleasant and not so satisfying. It's like that for us all, self-employed or otherwise.

Americans from every walk-of-life become our lawmakers and leaders. Good natured former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee remarked, however, that "It would be good if government had a few more people who "sign the front of the check.

Questions & Answers

McHenry County has managed the recession without a budgetary crisis like those in other counties. How do you ensure the county continues on that path and that reserves aren't depleted? Are there specific budget areas that need more attention?


many if not most

Americans, as well as virtually

every local, state and federal governmental body and / or agency

under acute financial pressure,

the fact that Mc Henry County has avoided a "budget crisis" raises a question.

Namely, has McHenry County been overtaxing its citizens all along? After all, if everyone else needs to go on a financial diet, and the McHenry County remains fat, one must wonder.

In brief, that fact the McHenry County has avoided the fate others have faced a has little or nothing to do with savvy financial policies. It's a result of having money in the bank as a result of

over-taxing its citizens for years.

Incredibly, the County Board has again caused real estate

taxes to increase in the face of home prices falling by as much as 25%.

Does the McHenry County Board have a good transportation improvement plan? Please be specific and suggest whether you think anything is missing or should be scrapped.

I am not adequately informed on this topic to comment in any meaningful way.

If elected, however,

I will develop a complete understanding of the township, county and state-wide issues.

A private citizen, however, I will say that the the MCDOT seems to focus on projects that make little or no difference in the grand scheme of things. For example, the recent

Fleming Road debacle,

illustrates the

amount of time and resources wasted by MCDOT, in the face of fierce citizen resistance,

that might otherwise be applied to more substantial matters.

Does the county need to address its ethics policies' Why or why not? If so, how?


As one example;

I will do my utmost to install an entirely independent " Citizens Review Panel" to oversee the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. That is, a blue ribbon panel with enough influence to restore the integrity of the department.

Even casual observers are aware of the outrageous number of lawsuits and the stunning amount of inappropriate behavior that has transpired

under the current Sheriff's administration

Assess McHenry County's efforts thus far in terms of groundwater preservation and protection. What needs to be done now and in the future?

Needless to say, like virtually every candidate in the race,

I support the on-going and critically important issues facing the residents of District 6.

Namely, protecting ground water supplies, as well as preserving the farms and open spaces in western and northwestern McHenry County.

However, the ground water issue, while important, has become a red herring

obfuscating the more pressing issues including the possibility of reducing taxes, matters performance and ethics,

among others.

These issues are serious matters that in years ahead will directly effect residents in the rural areas and small towns located in District 6.

Obviously, ground water issues remain critically important.

As a practical matter, however, for the next few years the threat of suburban sprawl has been delayed if not eliminated by the most difficult financial conditions since the Great Depression. For better or worse, the housing boom has ended. The ground waster issue, as a result, has been effectively neutralized.

Today, people are concerned about their financial future and what the future holds for their children and grandchildren.

If elected,


will serve either a four year term, or a two year term, depending on the results of the planned lottery process.

As outlined above, ground water issues will remain a concern.


our collective financial well-being is issue number one.

My focus will be on lowering taxes and doing what I can to reduce the size of government.

Assess how the county health department approached the whooping cough outbreak. What should have been done differently?

I am not well enough informed to comment in any meaningful way.