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updated: 12/29/2011 7:08 PM

Some things sure to ring true in 2012

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2012 ... and beyond:

I'm no Larry Nostradamus, but I do have a few predictions.

One is that neither the Bulls nor the White Sox will regret handing out big contracts to Derrick Rose and John Danks, respectively.

The second is that the United Center, come this spring, will be the bustlingest arena in the land and eventually will see a new league champion crowned.

Oh, and one more: For the 98th time in the last six years the Bears will select a safety in the NFL draft.

System overload:

When you heard about the small electrical fire in the offices at Wrigley Field this week, didn't you picture the VT 61s, left over from the original "V" miniseries -- featuring future stars Marc Singer and Faye Grant -- overheating from the reams of data being inputted by the new regime?

OK, maybe it was just me.


To recap: So the Cubs have DeJesus in right, Biittner at first and Ontiveros at third, right?

Holiday hangover:

Still have the weekend to go, but three words I'm already tired of:



The Big Game (that's three words).

Aloha means how many?

Upon hearing the Bears had five players named to the Pro Bowl, I thought, great, Marshall, Singletary, Dent, Hampton and Payton. Well deserved.

But five Bears from this team?

They have one for sure in Matt Forte.

The rest? Meh.

Two at a time:

Love the guy and his nonstop motor, but Joakim Noah takes some of the strangest looking shots I've ever seen.

Filling a need:

Big Jimmy Hayes. Put him in front of the Red Wings' net and let the fun begin for the Blackhawks.

The options:

Be slothful and watch a handful of mediocre-at-best Bowl games Saturday or get outside and enjoy what might be the last 50-degree day in a long while?

Still deciding.

Sweet pipes:

Looking forward to hearing Charlie Jones call of the Gator Bowl, btw.


Good luck:

To Chicago-based jockey Tanner Riggs, who ever so quietly retired this week.

Hello, Wally?

The Bengals are fighting for their playoff lives, yet still had to beg fans to come out and fill the stadium Sunday?


Even when the Bears were horrid for much of the 1970s, somehow the unsold tickets usually were swiped up at the last minute to avoid a local blackout of the game.

Thanks, Wally Phillips.

Good times:

Only about a month until our weekends become saturated with arena football and figure skating!

The legend returns:

How nice was it to see Bob Frisk's byline in the paper this week?

Lasting Fore-ever:

Say what you will about baseball and the NHL and NBA seasons being too long, but there is one sport whose season never ends -- even after it officially ends -- and that's golf.

And now it officially begins again next week.

One more thing:

Happy New Year!

•Mike Spellman's Scorecard column appears Fridays in the Daily Herald.

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