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posted: 11/14/2011 6:00 AM

Ramp up workout with plyometric training

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  • Speed skater

    Speed skater

  • Squat to push-up

    Squat to push-up

  • Planked punch

    Planked punch

  • Video: Push Fitness Plyometrics


This month's workout takes advantage of both the muscular toning and cardiovascular endurance effects associated with plyometric training. Plyo training is a quick and explosive form of exercise that requires deliberate muscle contractions and total body endurance.

Our plyo workout consists of two circuits with each circuit containing five exercises. Each exercise will be performed for 30 seconds and in succession with the next until the first circuit is completed. Rest for one minute and then repeat for a second and third round. Once circuit one is complete, move on to circuit two following the same protocol.

Circuit 1
Jump squats: Assume a squat position with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly squat down to a comfortable depth being sure to keep your heels planted. Exhale and you explode upward out of the squat as the momentum pulls you off the floor into a jump. Land softly and repeat.

Squat to push-up: Squat down to a comfortable depth with your elbows resting on your knees. Tip forward as you catch yourself on the floor with your hands and allow your elbows to bend as your chest drops toward the floor. Push back up with force and catch yourself in the squat position.

Burpee: From a standing position, squat down and place your hands on the floor. Kick your feet back so you land in a push-up position. Tuck your feet forward again and then stand up while jumping and reaching toward the ceiling. Land softly and repeat.

180s: From a squat position, jump up and spin your body 180 degrees. Land softy and allow your body to drop back into the squat. Repeat and spin back to where you started. Repeat quickly.

Planked jumping jacks: While maintaining a plank position, jump your feet wide and then jump them back to a narrow position. Continue this lower body jumping jack movement as the rest of your body remains rigid.

Circuit 2
Speed skaters: Jump laterally to your left and land on your left foot. Now, jump laterally to your right and land on your right foot. Continue this side to side jumping as your use your arms and opposite leg for balance. Be sure to allow your knee to bend when you land to absorb the impact and repeat quickly in a fluid motion.

Lunge jumps: From the bottom of a lunged position, jump up while switching your feet in midair. As you come down, land softly and immediately drop into a lunge position. Continue to alternate your feet front to back as you continue jumping and lunging.

Lateral push-up walks: Maintain a push-up position. Step laterally a few steps with both your hands and feet and then reverse your movement until you end up back where you started. Move quickly from side to side but keep your body rigid.

Push-up with knee drive: From a push-up position, drop toward the floor in a controlled manner. As you explode back to the top, drive one knee forward toward your opposite elbow. Continue the push-ups while alternating the knee drive with each push-up.

Planked punches: From a planked position, extend one arm forward in a punching motion. Return to your starting point and then alternate with the other arm. Keeps the punches fast and powerful while keeping your body rigid.

So give this plyo workout a try and see how it can take your fitness to the next level.

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