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posted: 11/6/2011 6:00 AM

Lower speed limit on Green Road

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Here are some comments on the article, "Speed limits on Green Road may fall." I live near Green Road and use it daily.

The speed limit on Green is indeed 50 mph. It should be 45 mph, but the Kane County Department of Transportation does not listen to residents on this. Instead it insists its studies determine what should be the speed limit.

Green Road is the responsibility of the Blackberry Township road commissioner, Rod Feece. He would agree that posted speed limits are too high on many of the township's narrow, twisting rural roads, but he is not allowed to set the limits -- only Kane County may do so. Never mind that the county doesn't pave township roads, maintain them or plow them. Nor does the head of KDOT live on Green Road.

Jeff Gilbert asks that the speed limit be reduced from 50 mph to 40 mph, yet his daughter, Lynlee, was driving an estimated 68 mph when she crashed and died. If the limit had been 40 mph, would she have driven any slower? I doubt it.

The county's speed study showed that 85 percent of the road's users were running at 43 mph in the area where the accident occurred. The study was conducted at midday; I was there and saw it being done. His daughter's high speed on Green Road was the exception, not the rule. It is a tragedy that she died, but it need not have happened.

Dennis C. Ryan

Blackberry Township