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posted: 9/22/2011 4:00 AM

Don't block jobs plan because it's Obama's

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It is very important that you call Congressman Randy Hultgren to tell him to finally put his partisanship aside. It is time to support, and vote to fully fund, President Obama's comprehensive, common sense plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

The Republican strategy has been to consistently vote against anything that President Obama suggests, even if it is part of the Republican platform. The Republican "no" votes have continued to destroy our economy.

Underfunding and inattention to our infrastructure have jeopardized America, and our infrastructure report card is a dismal D. It is failing to meet society's needs: solid waste, C+; bridges, C; rail and public parks/recreation, C-; energy, D+; aviation, dams, hazardous waste, schools and transit, D; drinking water, inland waterways, roads, levees and wastewater, D-.

Our nation's significant infrastructure deficiencies are threatening our safety, welfare, and America's economic growth and competitiveness around the world. There is so much immediate infrastructure work that must be done.

We could create good paying jobs right now by hiring construction workers, engineers, administrative office workers and small businesses. We can increase manufacturing of the parts needed for the work. Not only does this create millions of new jobs, but it also puts money in the hands of all the people who get the jobs. Working Americans can then turn around and buy the goods and services they need, generating more tax revenue and even more jobs.

The Republicans campaigned on jobs, but they won't pass any bills that spend money to create jobs. Instead, they have slashed payrolls and cut public services, which only adds to unemployment.

We need to support our economy and facilitate a jobs program. The Republicans would rather see the country suffer for 16 more months than allow the president to achieve goals that would benefit America.

Chrisi Vineyard