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updated: 10/3/2011 12:33 PM

Sudeikis stars in tasteless sex comedy

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  • Eric (Jason Sudeikis), left, and Mike (Tyler Labine) decide to throw "A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy" for their friends during Labor Day Weekend.

    Eric (Jason Sudeikis), left, and Mike (Tyler Labine) decide to throw "A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy" for their friends during Labor Day Weekend.

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Mike, an overgrown frat boy played by Tyler Labine, summarizes this movie best when he shouts, "This is the worst orgy ever!"

Contrary to its misleading positive adjective, "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" qualifies as the worst orgy comedy ever.

The only good thing to be found in this badly written, badly acted film would be a fleeting reference to "The Goonies." That's pretty much the pinnacle of cleverness in a comedy about friends who agree to have group sex with each other during a major blowout Labor Day weekend party.

This movie is so humor-challenged that the outtakes over the closing credits -- traditionally a sure crowd-pleaser -- are laugh-deprived bores that beg the question: Why are they even on the screen?

The characters are thin and juvenile. The dialogue is sophomoric. The moral to the story is a head-scratching cop-out suggesting that intimate sexual contact between friends either 1) works better than in finding that perfect person, or 2) has no lasting emotional side effects on anyone at all.

Man, this movie really takes the cake. And the kitchen sink. And the toilet.

Every year, Eric, an arrested juvenile trapped in the body of a thirtysomething man ("SNL" star Jason Sudeikis), plans a big end-of-summer party for his longtime friends in his mansionlike house in the Hamptons that actually belongs to his globe-trotting daddy (Don Johnson).

When Dad announces he's selling the old house, Eric goes into a tailspin. Will he be able to put on one last Labor Day bash before the house sells? What theme should his last blowout be?

Turns out the middle-aged real estate agent Dody (Lyn Shaye) has a gorgeous, young assistant Kelly (Leslie Bibb), and she's not adverse to dragging out the sale for the charming Eric.

Meanwhile, Eric tells his best pal Mike (Labine in a Jack Black role) that their last hurrah should be an orgy. Their friends are stunned at first.

Then, the attractive Sue (Michelle Borth) says, "I'm in!" possibly prompted by the fact she's been crushing on Eric for a long time.

Doug (Martin Starr), an indecisive wannabe rock star, and his on-and-off girlfriend Willow (Angela Sarafyan) eventually sign up.

So does nerdy Adam (Nick Kroll), who needs some excitement in his life.

Laura (Lindsay Sloane) wants to, but she has body-image issues. Not so for Allison the psychologist (Lake Bell), looking for some self-validation after bailing from a bad relationship.

Eric deliberately bypasses his buds Kate and Glenn (Lucy Punch and Will Forte), figuring that because they just got married, orgies with friends wouldn't be on their radar. He's wrong.

(To answer the obvious question, most of the nudity is tastefully implied; Sudeikis himself reportedly kept on a pair of long shorts for all his sex scenes.)

The idea for this plot came to "The Larry Sanders Show" writers Alex Gregory and Pete Huyck back in 1997. They originally wanted Vince Vaughn to play the lead. Wisely, Vaughn sidestepped the project, so Sudeikis wound up struggling to keep us amused while he and his co-stars get into various stages of undress.