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posted: 8/13/2011 4:00 AM

COD not a good example to students

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We have subscribed for many years and read your paper daily. I have been following the College of Dupage fiasco for several years and have this to say about the most recent developments: What kind of an example is the College of DuPage setting for its students (aka customers?)

As a citizen of the village of Glen Ellyn, COD is expected to follow and obey the local laws and ordinances, just like the rest of us, whether or not one agrees with the local codes. Residents and resident businesses are not allowed to negotiate for larger signs, lackadaisical building code enforcements or risk substandard health and safety enforcement. Since when is any "citizen" allowed to consistently rebuff the local governing authorities without some consequences?

I am totally appalled and disgusted by the actions of the COD board of trustees who have waved the their collective middle fingers at the village of Glen Ellyn, thereby insulting its citizens, the village's elected representatives, the village's employees, the school's employees and its students, along with the taxpayers of DuPage County. No one likes a bully

While I don't always agree with all of the sometimes stifling ordinances within many cities and villages. The example I would expect COD to set is to comply with the local laws, then get involved within the community, win election and try to influence change the good-old-fashioned American way. Makes me wonder what is being taught in the school's law enforcement classes? Business law classes? Ethics anyone? Perhaps they will be adding a "Bully 101" Class?

I would side with any municipality thus spurned by a local, self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed business, no matter how large or small, to close down the business (COD) until compliance of all village ordinances are met and maintained. Stop wasting my hard-earned taxpayer money on fighting this totally unnecessary fight. My 2 cents.

Ernest Kovacs