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posted: 8/2/2011 5:00 AM

Who's the bigoted person here?

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You published a pile of hogwash Friday, July 22, under the title of "Cain Scrutiny." Whenever liberals dislike what is going on they try to pull out this "racist" and "bigotry" stuff. In this case, the usual racist thing was not applicable, leaving only the bigotry issue. Is the liberal vocabulary so limited it cannot express meaningful thought beyond identifying racists and bigots?

If we want to do the bigotry thing, let us start with Islam's Quran. It is negative on anybody not a Muslim. We can consider it, in itself, a bigoted document. It follows, then, that anybody professing a fundamental belief in all the teachings of the Quran is a bigot, and one to be shunned.

Along comes Herman Cain who understands the threat of Islam and understands how its followers want to destroy Israel and have no use for Western civilization. Maybe Cain also understands the faith of the Black Muslim organization, founded in Chicago under Louis Farrakhan, the folks that preach hatefulness against Jews and others; the very symbol of bigotry and racism. Cain stands up against this nonsense. Then comes this author of "Cain Scrutiny," Eugene Robinson. He expresses his own bigotry in not trying to understand either Cain or Islam and slams Cain for being prejudiced and bigoted since Cain's view of things does not coincide with his. Shame on Robinson. I see him as the bigot and the prejudiced one.

Peter Wohld

Glen Ellyn