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posted: 7/27/2011 5:00 AM

Baseball analogy was a stretch

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A recent letter from Steven R. Heuberger linking the low attendance at a recent Cubs vs. Washington Nationals game to the economic strategy of the Obama administration is ludicrous.

The economy is in dire straits, to be sure (I myself, have been out of work for 20 months). But to blame the low attendance at Cubs-Nationals game on it, is completely ignoring the fact that the Cubs aren't playing anywhere near the level of a Major League Baseball team and don't deserve anyone wasting their money on an overpriced ticket. The Nationals aren't much better, languishing near the bottom of their division.

Michelle Obama was in attendance at the game, and Mr. Heuberger wondered if she "went around to all the fans telling them what they could eat at the ballpark." A very cheap shot at Mrs. Obamas activities to fight the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.

He mentions a Democratic majority keeping seats empty. Last time I looked. it was the Republicans controlling Congress and keeping a new budget from passing. These are such divisive times that we live in, that statements such as his can only deepen the rift between the wealthy and the ever-shrinking middle class. Shame on him.

At least he isn't a Sox fan.

Jeffrey S. Gille