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posted: 7/21/2011 3:00 AM

Congressman Joe Walsh takes the lead

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Congressman Joe Walsh showed all Republicans how to stand their ground with class on the critical debt ceiling issue. On his YouTube video, Congressman Walsh forcefully but respectfully criticized President Obama for using class warfare and scare tactics to resolve the debt ceiling debacle instead of responsible and honest leadership.

As Congressman Walsh points out, we have two crises, not one. Yes we have a debt ceiling problem, but more important we have a national spending problem that will bankrupt our nation. Instead of working to solve both problems, President Obama is threatening not to pay retirees their Social Security benefits, our military or our debt, saying we don't have enough money if Republicans don't cave in to his irresponsible spending and tax increase demands.

As Congressman Walsh said, that is a lie. We continue to get enough tax revenue to pay Social Security, the military, and our debt, even if we don't raise the debt ceiling. President Obama would have to choose not to pay Social Security, the military, and our debt which would be reprehensible. If Obama used the unspent "stimulus money stash," he could even continue spending at our current spending levels for a few months if he honestly worked with Republicans to resolve our debt ceiling and spending problem.

Scare tactics, lies, class warfare, misinformation, and demonization of "job creators" will not get our country back to work Mr. President. Thanks for helping the "folks" understand the truth, Congressman Walsh!

Randy Rossi