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posted: 7/21/2011 3:00 AM

Congress, president can get us on right path

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Fundamentally, our federal government's fiscal problems have arisen from spending in excess of our income. We now borrow something like 40 cents for every dollar spent by Washington. Concurrent with this irresponsible spending, more than 45 percent of us pay no federal income tax. How can you appreciate this country if you have "No skin in the game?" Certainly, wealthier taxpayers should be expected to shoulder a larger share of government spending, but there seems to be a lack of balance in paying for the freedom we enjoy.

President Eisenhower warned of the dangers of "The Military/Industrial Complex." I don't think Congress has gotten his message. We spend more on defense than the next 10 highest-spending countries. Are we doing this to protect ourselves or are we spending because this partnership has created the need? Do we need to rethink our role as the policeman of the world? Can we afford to be prepared to protect everyone everywhere?

Entitlements and their costs are another explosive budget issue. Their costs alone will bankrupt us in the future. This has been known and talked about for some time yet nothing has been done except adding coverage and people to the programs.

Farm subsidies, tax breaks, subsidies to oil and on and on; special interests that want and get our legislators' attention. What about the common man and the common good?

To gain a perspective of what is good for our country would take a large dose of compromise washed down with copious amounts of common sense. I feel Congress and the president know the correct path to take. I pray they have the courage to take it.

Dennis Gasick