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updated: 2/23/2011 4:08 PM

Earle Johnson: Candidate Profile

Wauconda parks

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Note: Answers provided have not been edited for grammar, misspellings or typos. In some instances, candidate claims that could not be immediately verified have been omitted.

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City: Wauconda

Website: Candidate did not respond.

Office sought: Wauconda parks

Age: 34

Family: Married to Susan Johnson. I have 3 Children and one on the way.

Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic and Business owner

Education: Associates Degree in Fire Science

Civic involvement: Trustee on the LSPIA board. (neighborhood Association)

Former Trustee on the Long Grove Volunteer Firefighters Association

Member of IAFF Local 473

Elected offices held: Trustee on the LSPIA board. (neighborhood Association)

Former Trustee on the Long Grove Volunteer Firefighters Association

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: NO

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

I would like to start an initiative that every child should learn how to swim. The Park District currently offers swimming classes that have poor enrollment. The classes cost $10 dollars a session. I would like to make the classes free for every child in Wauconda. Many residents enjoy spending time on Bangs Lake, but Bangs Lake can also be the biggest liability in the community.

Key Issue 2

I would like to increase the attendance in existing programs i.e. swimming classes, soccer, P-wee football.

Key Issue 3

At Cook's Park, I would like to improve the land south of the park district building, which currently has a ditch running through it. After installing a drainage system, I would like to convert the land to dedicated soccer fields. Currently, Wauconda does not have any dedicated soccer fields.

Questions & Answers

What programs aren't paying for themselves? Would you keep, eliminate or change them? How and why?

Right now, Wauconda pays private companies to instruct the different classes. I have spoken to different parents, in the community, have an interest in instructing the different classes and sports. This would save the Park District a lot of money if we instruct the classes in-house.

Is there any additional open space the park district needs to acquire? Please describe.

Wauconda Park district has land at Cooks park that is not being used; Why buy more if we are not using the land that we have!

Are there any unmet recreational needs? If yes, what are they and how would you propose paying for them? Or, should they wait until the economy improves?

As I mentioned earlier, we need a dedicated soccer field developed on the unused land at Cook's Park. The more people that attend Cooks Park, the more successful the concession stand will be, which will bring in more revenue for the Park District.

Would you support sharing/pooling resources (i.e. printing, vehicles) with other local governments (school districts, village, etc.)? If so, what areas would you consider combining or merging to save money or improve efficiency?

Yes, In order to be considered a good Stuart of the tax payer's money, I believe it is critical to look at every cost saving measure, including consolidating governmental services.

If you are a newcomer, what prompted you to run for the park board? If you're an incumbent, list your accomplishments or key initiatives in which you played a leadership role.

It's simple, Wauconda Park District is a 3 million dollar operation, and I don't see it! My children have attended the Park District preschool and the swim lessons. During the swim lesions, my child was one of two children in the class. As a paramedic, I have provided CPR to children that have drowned. It would be a travesty to have a child in Wauconda die because their parents were not aware that swim lesson were available, just outside their back door. I believe that Wauconda Park District should promote the different Programs and services to the point that it looks and feels like a 3 million dollar operation.