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updated: 10/29/2010 7:43 PM

Brady will turn Illinois around

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When you cast your ballot, be sure to vote for Bill Brady for governor. In fact, for me, this is the most enthusiastic vote I have ever decided on. I say this because Bill is not only philosophically and intellectually in tune with mainstream conservative principles of course he is those things. He will turn this state around after eight years of cronyism and play-to-pay politics. He has the right plan for balancing our budget and invigorating our moribund economy.

No, the reason I am most enthusiastic about Bill Brady is that he has the personality of someone who can inspire and unite all of our citizens to work toward a dynamic regeneration of Illinois. When Bill enters the room he conveys a sense to everyone there that each of us has a gift to bring to the table. He has a positive outlook that will help the citizens of our state move forward during this difficult time.

He is a breath of fresh air and optimism that Illinoisans need right now. In fact, a better leader could not be coming along at this crucial crossroad. And Bill is also a family man who is in touch with the everyday needs of typical Illinoisans. He is a devoted father and husband who has raised three wonderful children. This has shaped his character, and it is this type of character we now need in Springfield.

Pat Quinn, on the other hand, has not been inspirational the last few months. His campaign's smear tactics and negative ads are beneath him, and he should be ashamed that his campaign has sunk to such depths. Desperate candidates do desperate things, I guess.

No, we need a leader with courage, values and integrity serving as our governor. That man is Bill Brady. There is no doubt he is the right man for the job.

Frank J. Biga III

Arlington Heights