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posted: 3/20/2010 12:01 AM

Tea party doesn't need Hitler comparison

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In a letter to the editor March 8, Fabian Lieschke of Washington, D.C., comments on the tea party group and how they compare our president to Adolf Hitler when promoting the idea of "No Obamacare."

Many of us don't need that comparison to say no to Obamacare.

Lieschke offers that he has yet to hear condemning statements on the subject that are not driven by politics. OK, let's say that everything in Washington, D.C., is perfect.

Possibly in the D.C. area, nothing is mentioned in their newspapers or TV reporting about the many government programs that are underfunded.

Possibly, Lieschke is not aware that Medicare is underfunded and is often six months in arrears when it comes time to pay doctors, hospitals and other providers of medical service. Our state, counties, schools and cities are all looking for funding.

In the Daily Herald March 8 is a report, "Cook County, Chicago funds face fallout."

Taxpayer-supported funds in the Chicago region for police, firefighters and teachers have amassed an $18.5 billion deficit. The report goes on to say that in 2008 the deficit amounted to $5,821 for every Chicago resident. That figure is up from 2000 when each residents was only on the hook for $1,189. This deficit is not new and caused by our bad economy today.

I know, I know, retirees pay into these pensions. However, as long as I have four line items on my real estate tax bill for some of these pensions that I help support, I'm concerned and will have my say about the matter.

This underfunding of services promised is normal with many or most of our government programs and one or the major reason for groups like the tea party forming in our communities.

Ron Petrucci

St. Charles