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posted: 3/14/2010 12:01 AM

Drop recreation, voc-ed from school

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Are public schools under funded? Is the glass half empty? What are the intended functions of public education? Are they trying to do too much?

Education, vocation, recreation, socialization. I define these as the four components of the current education system. It should be determined which, and which components of each, given the current global market, promote individual economic and personal progression, national competitiveness, and thus warrant continued public funding.

Education: Reading, writing, math, science, history, social sciences, computer sciences.

Vocation: The building trades, auto mechanic, fashion designer, cook.

Recreation: Tennis, golf, wall climbing, kayaking, orienteering, aerial obstacle course, competitive bass fishing.

Socialization: Music, band, choir, art, theater, physical education, team sports, bilingual and special education.

These are not intended to be all inclusive or exclusive. School structures and their budgets are complex.

Education and socialization are deserving of taxpayer support. Scrutiny needs to be applied to the vocation category, and probable elimination of the recreation category, which are better left to clubs and organizations such as the Boy/Girl Scouts or park districts.

Trade schools exist in the private sector and community colleges, which could be utilized.

There needs to be a separation between the "wouldn't it be nice to have" curriculum and the actual purpose of public education.

Are public schools under funded? Is the glass half empty? Or is the glass simply too large?

William C. Hallow

North Aurora