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posted: 3/7/2010 12:01 AM

Coyotes are our fellow travelers

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I do not live in Wheaton and those who do probably don't want 'outside' opinions on the coyote issue. However, while I firmly oppose the idea of coyote euthanasia, I extend my sympathy to the families of the dog and cat who were killed and the suffering of their pets.

Yet frequent cautions have been given to keep house cats inside and be cautious with small dogs; southern Wheaton has many parks, forest preserves, golf courses - which increase needed caution. Recent proposals will not produce a "humane euthanasia" (as if eliminating them was righteous to begin with).

Have you read or seen pictures of an animal caught in a leghold trap as it tries to chew its leg off in an attempt to free itself? (and padded traps don't change that). Imagine the fear, terror and pain this animal is going through as it is trapped and then mutilates its own body in an attempt for freedom.

Supposedly, the trapper will approach and administer "humane euthanasia." I don't think so; this is nothing more than a cruel slaughter. There can be no guarantee any killed coyote is the one who attacked the pets and its demise only opens territory for other coyotes.

Maybe people should consider where they move when purchasing homes near country club grounds or the forested areas they so love; maybe they should live in a Chicago high-rise. Although, they still might have to deal with the occasional coyote walking the streets of downtown/North Shore Chicago or into a fast-food restaurant. Also, the hawks that frequent the city could swoop away a cat or small dog.

Please reconsider the killing of these coyotes. They are fellow travelers of ours on the path of life.

Karen Barth