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    A Transportation Security Administration agent examines information from a traveler at a security check point at O’Hare International Airport. New security changes are in place at O’Hare and TSA considering other measures.

    Editorial: TSA must quickly address airport security flaws

    A Daily Herald editorial says authorities must act deliberately to address security problems evident in the latest serial stowaway case.

    Jeff Knox/jknox@dailyherald.comKeith PetersonDaily Herald guest columnist.

    We can’t overlook diplomacy in policy on nuclear arms

    Guest columnist Keith Peterson: Friday, the Trump Administration released its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), traditionally released at the beginning of a new Administration.


    Lickspittle wing of GOP is now firmly in charge
    Columnist Michael Gerson: According to House Speaker Paul Ryan, the declassified Devin Nunes memo — alleging FBI misconduct in the Russia investigation — is “not an indictment of the FBI, of the Department of Justice.” According to President Donald Trump, the memo shows how leaders at the FBI “politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats” and “totally vindicates ‘Trump’ in probe.” Both men are deluded or deceptive.


    Respect the office
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: When I first became aware that Rep. Jan Schakowsky would boycott the State of Union address because — “My constituents have spoken loud and clear” I was disappointed by her actions.


    Cities can’t pick and choose laws to obey
    A Hoffman Estates letter to the editor: I have a lot of trouble understanding why establishing sanctuary cities is a good idea.


    We need to talk about domestic violence, too
    A Glen Ellyn letter to the editor: #MeToo is a growing and powerful movement that has given voice to the pain of untold numbers of women who were subjected to sexual abuse by powerful people.But there is another kind of power — the power and control that is exerted in a domestic violence relationship.


    Candidate is best chance for change
    An Elgin letter to the editor: Regarding your article on the Democratic contenders for the 6th District, l’ve met Amanda Howland and she clearly offers the best opportunity to defeat Peter Roskam and his support for the Trump agenda.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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