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    School, competition and peers are the top stressors for today’s suburban teens, according to a new survey designed to allow adults to help relieve the pressure.

    Editorial: Listen and take seriously teens’ stress concerns

    This Daily Herald editorial says a recent survey on teen stress offers important insights on an issue that has been around for generations but has unique dimensions today.

    Nathaniel Hamilton

    Assessor’s lawsuit is mockery of campaign finance fairness

    Guest columjnist Nathaniel Hamilton: Taxpayers in Cook County pay for a lot. Whether it’s expensive sales taxes, the former soda tax, liquor tax, gas tax or anything else with a steeper price tag in Cook than surrounding areas or neighbor states, the bill is high.


    U.S. takes another step into quicksand of Middle East

    Columnist Georgie Anne Geyer: Watching the troubling events on the northern Syrian border with Turkey — events that once again drag the United States even deeper into the Middle East — my thoughts go back to 1983 in Beirut.


    Pension over-promises
    A Palatine letter to the editor: Pat Devaney, president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, is absolutely right to point out increased risks as local officials reduce fire department staffing. However, Devaney fails to note the real cause of pressures on fire staffing head counts.


    Just follow the rules
    A Wheeling letter to the editor: The United States has a defense budget of over $700 billion. Defense of this nation is the primary job of our elected government.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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